Connect with nature with a guided visualisation meditation

The Mental Health Awareness Week’s focus for 2021 is nature and connecting with nature.

Research shows that being outside in green or blue spaces, or looking at pictures of nature, can improve our sense of wellbeing.

During the early weeks of lockdown in 2020 many people took advantage of the good spring weather in the UK to be outside, walking, cycling, running. I noticed this locally with lots more people out exploring and enjoying the outdoors. And with quieter roads, people could enjoy the sights and sounds and smells of nature more.

When the weather is not so good, or if you’re not able to get outside for any reason, you can bring nature to you with meditation.

Guided visualisation meditation on nature

I have recorded a 10 minute guided meditation on the theme of connecting with nature which you can listen to below or click this link to go to Soundcloud. All you have to do is sit back, relax, listen, and be transported to your favourite place outdoors.

Above: 10 minute guided visualisation meditation on nature and connecting with a favourite place

Here are some of my favourite outdoor places

If you’re stuck and can’t think of a favourite outdoor place, here are some pictures of places I love. They might inspire you to imagine being there or somewhere similar.

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