New fireside yoga videos for winter

At this time of year (autumn sliding into winter in the northern hemisphere), we start to feel like hibernating, keeping warm and cosy, and not doing so much. Time to recharge the batteries.

It’s partly good to do that, but also we don’t want to not do any movement. It’s important to keep mobile, keep the physical body moving, and practise calming and soothing breathing techniques.

So I’ve decided to create some short videos by my fire which will focus on mindfulness practices, breathing (pranayama), and mindful movement where we feel that we’ve still done something, but not worn the body out.

So if you’re low on energy, low on motivation, feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by everything that is going on, hopefully you will find these short videos beneficial.

They’ll be published in my YouTube channel, and there’s two available already, which I will share here too.

I’ve called it ‘fireside yoga’ because it takes place next to my logburner stove.

Introduction to the fireside yoga series
Golden breath – a calming breathing practice

Enjoy, and let me know what you think, and if there’s any yoga, breathing practices or mindfulness you want me to include in future videos.

One thought on “New fireside yoga videos for winter

  1. HI Shirley, my early bird yoga is taking place online at the moment I’m afraid. My Dumfries classes are all after work at the moment – I will email you with details. I will also check if you get my newsletters. Hope you are keeping well. Alyson


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