Letting things go

I can be a bit of a hoarder and have several boxes of things in my attic which I haven’t looked at for years. Do I need them? Probably not. But I’m also a bit of a procrastinator so haven’t got round to sorting through them and deciding what to keep, donate, recycle, or sadly throw away.

It’s not just physical things we can hold on to. We can hold on to expectations, beliefs, emotions, or things we feel we ought to do etc.

If we realise we are holding on to something that isn’t beneficial, to us or others, it might be time to let it go.

This is a roundabout way of saying I’m closing my yoga/massage Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Once I took that decision a few months ago I felt great! Lighter and free. Even though I haven’t actually closed the accounts yet!

There are many reasons why I’ve decided to close them down; some small, some bigger reasons. It’s difficult to put some of the reasons into words, and also hard to express it without sounding ‘holier than thou’ to people who do use them and find them great ways of connecting with people, either as an individual or for their business. With Instagram I never really bought into its modus operandi and what I feel is shallow aesthetics (especially for yoga), and it’s never gelled with me. For Twitter, I’ve decided I’ve had enough of doomscrolling, and with my yoga account I’ve also not managed to get it into a position where it is beneficial to my business. It’s draining time and energy and not helpful.

I will be closing the accounts by the end of this month (Dec 2021).

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

So, if you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram and you’d like to stay in touch, please find me in one of several other places: Facebook (also a source of doomscrolling, but I find it useful for my business so will still be on there), sign up to my email newsletter (I send roughly one a month so you won’t be flooded with emails from me! and if you have booked a class with me and don’t get the emails, check your junk folder!), or sign up to the blog (if you get this post in your inbox you’re already signed up to the blog). The blog and the email newsletter are different things.

I hope to spend a bit more time blogging next year (although by saying that it’s probably jinxed it!).

This time of year can often be a good time to take stock, review what’s important or what you want to achieve in the future, focus on the positive things that will help, and let go of things that aren’t so helpful. Maybe I’ll even get round to those attic boxes one day!

(Header image by giselaatje from Pixabay)

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