How to get back into the rhythm of exercise

January can be a tough month to set yourself big resolutations on health, life and work.

The cold winter days short on daylight (in the northern hemisphere) don’t encourage lots of outdoor exercise; there may have been over-eating over the festive period; regular schedules for yoga or other movement classes will have been disrupted; there’s often more illnesses around (even without Covid-19!), and people often feel flat, lacking in motivation and enthusiasm, especially at the moment when there is so much uncertainty as to what the year holds.

If any of these resonate with you, this infographic I saw on Facebook might help you get back into the rhythm of exercise.

Infographic by Believe Perform in collaboration with Mind.

Have you got any top tips for motivating yourself, for exercise or anything else?

If you want to try some of my online yoga, there’s some short videos on my YouTube channel – from 2 mins to half an hour. I’ve included one below which is nice and calming and a good reintroduction to movement.

(Featured image is me jogging in a local wood.)

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