How to get back into the rhythm of exercise

January can be a tough month to set yourself big resolutations on health, life and work. The cold winter days short on daylight (in the northern hemisphere) don't encourage lots of outdoor exercise; there may have been over-eating over the festive period; regular schedules for yoga or other movement classes will have been disrupted; there's … Continue reading How to get back into the rhythm of exercise

Gentle fireside yoga videos

With the winter solstice (northern hemisphere) only just gone, our bodies and brain seek out ways to recharge, restore, relax, and generally hibernate. Even though doing a bit less at this time of year is good, our bodies need some movement. So my new free fireside videos will enable you to do some short yoga … Continue reading Gentle fireside yoga videos

Benefits of yoga infographic

There are many benefits of practising yoga, and increasingly these are being researched and recorded through human studies. Although people practising yoga hundreds or thousands of years ago may have used different terminology, the end result was probably the same - a sense of wellbeing, tranquility and calm. The international day of yoga in 2021 … Continue reading Benefits of yoga infographic