Environmenstrual week

Images of resuable menstrual products

Whether you are someone who menstruates, used to menstruate or is yet to menstruate, or know someones who menstruates, (so essentially, pretty much everyone!), the environmental impacts of menstrual products may not be something you're aware of. Environmenstrual week in the UK (19-25th Oct) hopes to change that by raising the issues involved, promoting alternatives … Continue reading Environmenstrual week

Back pain and new ways of thinking about it

Info graphic with text about pain

Back pain can be frustrating and limiting, especially if it becomes chronic (ongoing) beyond a few weeks. Recently a few people have asked me for advice, often after an incident has triggered back pain. And the good news is, things will generally get better in a few weeks, with some direct action and a helpful … Continue reading Back pain and new ways of thinking about it

In-person yoga classes return to Dumfries

Advert for yoga class with female seated in lotus position

I'm really pleased to say that I have been able to restart in-person yoga classes once again in Dumfries. After a six month pause (because of Covid-19), I restarted my intermediate yoga class last week, and had an enthusiastic group of appropriately-distanced participants. Although I have been teaching online during the last six months, there … Continue reading In-person yoga classes return to Dumfries

Yoga, cultural appropriation and appreciation

Painting of yoga asana Kukkutasana in Persian manuscript Bahr al-hayat c. 1602

Although cultural appropriation is not new, the term itself has become used in the last 40 years of so, and particularly in the last 5-10 years, within a variety of settings including yoga. As a white, Western, middle-class woman of many privileges (check yours here) who is appalled by repression, oppression, racism and sexim and … Continue reading Yoga, cultural appropriation and appreciation

5 top tips for yoga every day at home

Female in standing yoga pose with one leg crossed over the other

When the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions came into force there was a surge of interest in online yoga, and many yoga teachers (me included) transitioned to online teaching. Lots more people starting doing yoga at home - with or without online classes - and were maybe able to get into some sort of routine around other … Continue reading 5 top tips for yoga every day at home

Programme for Connection day

Poster with details of programme on pink sky background

The programme for the online international day of yoga is now released! There's 10 live sessions, 3 pre-recorded sessions, 12 different teachers and a variety of different classes to attend. Please have a look and pick and choose what you would like to attend (donations suggested). I'll be starting the day with some sun salutations, … Continue reading Programme for Connection day

Advance notice – online International Yoga Day event coming

In a few weeks on Sunday 21st June it's International Yoga Day, and a group of local teachers where I live is putting together a programme for an online event for the day. There's going to be a variety of sessions with asana classes, pranayama, chanting, meditation and ayurvedic info! You will be able to … Continue reading Advance notice – online International Yoga Day event coming