Plant-based recipes: vegan pumpkin cake

November is World Vegan Month, so I thought I’d post a few recipes that might tempt you into trying vegan food. The first week is a seasonal favourite of mine: pumpkin cake. I’m not sure of the origin of this recipe – I think I got it from my mum, but don’t know where she … Continue reading Plant-based recipes: vegan pumpkin cake

Plant power on your plate!

Chocolate cake

There's been a recent rise in interest in plant-based food and diets in the last few years. The reasons why may be many and varied, including a growing awareness of environmental issues, animal welfare concerns expressed in films such as Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy, mainstream chefs such as Jamie Oliver waking up to the … Continue reading Plant power on your plate!

Book review: The Dalai Lama’s cat

I have just finished reading The Dalai Lama's cat by David Michie. Although the front cover explicitly says this is a novel, it's not a novel in the conventional sense, not least because its narrator is a cat, but also because the 'plot' is rather light (cat abandoned, cat rescued, cat learns some Buddhist lessons) … Continue reading Book review: The Dalai Lama’s cat

Blog action day, World Food Day, vegetarianism and yoga

Sunday 16th October is global Blog Action Day which was established in 2007. Each year the Blog Action Day focuses on a different topic and this year they've chosen the topic of food. Sunday 16th October is also World Food Day, and this date was chosen in 1979 as it was the same day the … Continue reading Blog action day, World Food Day, vegetarianism and yoga