Gentle fireside yoga videos

With the winter solstice (northern hemisphere) only just gone, our bodies and brain seek out ways to recharge, restore, relax, and generally hibernate. Even though doing a bit less at this time of year is good, our bodies need some movement. So my new free fireside videos will enable you to do some short yoga … Continue reading Gentle fireside yoga videos

A twist on trikonasana

Alyson in variation of trikonasana or triangle standing yoga pose

Trikonasana (triangle pose, or more correctly utthita trikonsasna – extended triangle), is one of the 'classic' yoga poses that is depicted in most books on yoga (and now in yoga images and videos online). However, there are several different ways of approaching this posture, and this Yoga Journal article outlines five different styles of yoga … Continue reading A twist on trikonasana

5 top tips for yoga every day at home

Female in standing yoga pose with one leg crossed over the other

When the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions came into force there was a surge of interest in online yoga, and many yoga teachers (me included) transitioned to online teaching. Lots more people starting doing yoga at home - with or without online classes - and were maybe able to get into some sort of routine around other … Continue reading 5 top tips for yoga every day at home

Why it’s good to step out of our comfort zone

Image of two people doing acro yoga

In my previous post about resilience I explained why it's important that we keep doing the things that we enjoy and make us feel good, whether that's five minutes of meditation or a 50 minute walk every day. Doing things we're familiar and comfortable with is helpful as it keeps us calm, emotionally balanced and … Continue reading Why it’s good to step out of our comfort zone

Relieving lower back discomfort

Cat doing cat posture

It's very common to experience short bouts of lower back pain or discomfort. Often it might feel like a dull ache, not too painful really, but noticeable when you do certain things like getting up out of a chair. In many cases temporary discomfort may be from lack of movement and too much sitting, and … Continue reading Relieving lower back discomfort

Wellbeing workshops on pain, stress and anxiety

Yoga mats laid out in circle in room

I'm delighted to be offering two wellbeing workshops this autumn in Dumfries. Following positive feedback from the workshop on understanding chronic (persistent) pain, I'm going to be delivering this workshop again, but it'll be slightly longer at 3 hours to allow more time for the practical things. In addition, I'm going to be delivering a … Continue reading Wellbeing workshops on pain, stress and anxiety