Back pain and new ways of thinking about it

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Back pain can be frustrating and limiting, especially if it becomes chronic (ongoing) beyond a few weeks. Recently a few people have asked me for advice, often after an incident has triggered back pain. And the good news is, things will generally get better in a few weeks, with some direct action and a helpful … Continue reading Back pain and new ways of thinking about it

Relieving lower back discomfort

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It's very common to experience short bouts of lower back pain or discomfort. Often it might feel like a dull ache, not too painful really, but noticeable when you do certain things like getting up out of a chair. In many cases temporary discomfort may be from lack of movement and too much sitting, and … Continue reading Relieving lower back discomfort

Understanding persistent pain

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I recently participated in two workshops for therapists about understanding pain, particularly long-term (chronic) pain, and how to help people with such pain to improve their situation. The sessions were very intense with a huge amount of information and were led by a local therapist, Hedd Piper, who, although is a chiropractor by training, is … Continue reading Understanding persistent pain

Research evidence on yoga and health

For those of you who are interested in modern science's interpretations of the benefits of yoga, I've just come across a recently published collection of evidence reviews on yoga and a range of health issues from back pain, asthma, heart issues, falls by older people, cancer and mental health. This collection of links to research … Continue reading Research evidence on yoga and health

Yoga survey results on impact of yoga asana practice

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Recently, a large international yoga survey was undertaken by yoga teacher David Keil to assess the impact of yoga asana practice on physical health and injury. He explains that this was partly in response to the rather sensational article in the New York Times by William Broad about his book (The Science of yoga: the … Continue reading Yoga survey results on impact of yoga asana practice

Mindfulness for Health – a book review and reflections

The notion that mindfulness and meditation can help someone deal with pain and physical ill-health might, at first, sound unlikely. How can sitting thinking about something (or not thinking about things) reduce your pain? In 'Mindfulness for Health: relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring wellbeing', the two authors (Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman), both of … Continue reading Mindfulness for Health – a book review and reflections

10 reasons why yoga is good for you

Why bother practising yoga? Well, there are a number of reasons why, and ways that it can improve your life and lifestyle. Here are just a few that I thought of whilst gardening, in no particular order! 1. It can help improve some physical conditions such as lower back problems, stiff and tight shoulders and … Continue reading 10 reasons why yoga is good for you

Yoga for healthy lower backs

I was fortunate to attend a one day training event for yoga teachers on yoga for healthy lower backs the other weekend. The course tutor, Anna Semlyen, is one of the key tutors who was involved in the large scale clinical research study which proved that yoga helped those with lower back problems, and, was … Continue reading Yoga for healthy lower backs

The implications of poor computer or desk posture

As a desk-bound office worker, I know first hand the perils of sitting down at a computer all day. (And then coming home and sitting down some more, at a different computer!) Many people don't realise that their stiff shoulders, stiff necks, upper back aches and pains etc, are possibly caused by poor posture at … Continue reading The implications of poor computer or desk posture