What’s a personal yoga class?

Room with yoga mat

A personal yoga session or 1-to-1 is an individual yoga class which is tailored to your needs and can bring you many benefits. These include: the whole class is tailored to your specific requirements e.g. to improve flexibility and mobility, reduce stress, improve strength etc full attention of the tutor and time to ask questions … Continue reading What’s a personal yoga class?

Take Flight – Acroyoga comes to Dumfries

Two people balancing on each other with sunset in background

I'm very excited to be hosting two visiting Welsh dragons to Scotland to hold an acroyoga workshop here in Dumfries - possibly the region's first acroyoga session? During the dark days at the end of the year, when you're maybe feeling jaded, full of mince pies and bored of shopping, an acroyoga workshop is exactly … Continue reading Take Flight – Acroyoga comes to Dumfries

Yoga classes in Dumfries

River and stone bridge

When I moved to Dumfries (Scotland) I spent a wee while looking for yoga classes in the town, doing general Internet searches, looking through local directories online, searching Facebook, looking for posters in the town etc, and cross referencing to make sure the info was correct. Having put together a list I then started going … Continue reading Yoga classes in Dumfries