Light and trataka at the winter solstice

The winter solstice is a time, in the northern hemisphere, when nature sends us signs to rest and metaphorically hibernate. Yet we often do the opposite in December: rushing around buying lots of things, stocking up on food because the shops are closed for one or two days, travelling here and there despite the bad … Continue reading Light and trataka at the winter solstice

Asana – are you sitting comfortably?

Women in seated yoga pose - ardha matsyendrasana

This month's 'limb' of the eight stages of yoga, as described by Patanjali, moves us onto the third level, and probably the one familiar to everyone - asana, or what we know as yoga postures. When you say 'yoga' to someone they'll probably picture someone putting their body into a funny position. Asana comes from the root … Continue reading Asana – are you sitting comfortably?

Do we need our yoga mats?

A month ago I read a very interesting article about the use of mats in yoga and how it can fundamentally alter what's going on in your body, the muscles, how they're being used etc. Written by two yoga and body specialists (Dr Brian Cooper and Dr Christopher Norris) it discusses what happens in the … Continue reading Do we need our yoga mats?

Meditation through running

A good friend gave me a copy of Haruki Murakami's book What I talk about when I talk about running. I have read and enjoyed a few of his novels and short stories and didn't realise he does a lot of running and is a triathlete - he tries to do at least one marathon … Continue reading Meditation through running

Feel the fear … and maybe do it anyway?

What's fear got to do with yoga? Quite a bit! Some people may be fearful that they'd be unable to 'do' yoga, so they don't come. Some people are fearful of not looking good enough or that they don't have the latest designer gear (this is rarely the case in Aberystwyth where people wear whatever … Continue reading Feel the fear … and maybe do it anyway?