Incarnations radio programme

BBC Radio 4 is broadcasting Incarnations: India in 50 lives, every weekday for 50 days, with the episodes also available on iPlayer and to download as podcasts. Each episode is 15 minutes long and explores one of the 50 people, from ancient to modern times. I've not managed to set aside time to listen to … Continue reading Incarnations radio programme

Asana – are you sitting comfortably?

Women in seated yoga pose - ardha matsyendrasana

This month's 'limb' of the eight stages of yoga, as described by Patanjali, moves us onto the third level, and probably the one familiar to everyone - asana, or what we know as yoga postures. When you say 'yoga' to someone they'll probably picture someone putting their body into a funny position. Asana comes from the root … Continue reading Asana – are you sitting comfortably?

What are the niyama and how do they relate to life today?

This month we turn to the second limb of yoga as outlined by Patanjali. (The first limb, yama, I covered in March.) The second limb is niyama, and as you can probably tell from the word, is closely liked to the yama. However, whereas yama have a slightly more external or social aspect to them … Continue reading What are the niyama and how do they relate to life today?

The eight limbs of yoga – asana and beyond

Eight limbs of yoga? Does that mean even more contortions? No, it's a reference to the eight stages of yoga as described by Patanjali around 2000 years ago. I realised that for a yoga blog, I hadn't done much on discussing yoga history, yoga asana, and where it all fits in, so this will be … Continue reading The eight limbs of yoga – asana and beyond

Intelligent Yoga book review

Peter Blackaby's book Intelligent Yoga was long-awaited when it was published in late 2012, and here's my long-awaited review! (Long-awaited by me, maybe not by anyone else!) Intelligent Yoga is a thoroughly enjoyable book to read and is an interesting mix of biology, anatomy, evolutionary theory, neuro-science, humanism, and of course yoga. But at no … Continue reading Intelligent Yoga book review

Documentary explores who owns yoga

A very interesting, thought-provoking, intelligent and unbiased documentary called 'Who Owns Yoga?' has recently been released by Al Jazeera English and is available to watch online. It's only 50 minutes long yet manages to address thorny issues such as the modern commercialisation of yoga (especially in the west), the trend for new 'types' of yoga … Continue reading Documentary explores who owns yoga

Film and event review: Breath of the Gods

I watched the film Breath of the Gods: A journey to the origins of modern yoga yesterday in the event Yoga i Bawb teachers (including me!) had organised. There were over 50 people in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre cinema - a great turn out! This screening was organised following receipt of a donation from a … Continue reading Film and event review: Breath of the Gods

Reflections on Iyengar’s influence

Since BKS Iyengar died, many articles have been written about his influence, greatness etc. I thought I'd reflect briefly on how I feel he has had an impact on my yoga life. I think the first point to note is that many of the yoga teachers in the UK in the '70s and '80s were … Continue reading Reflections on Iyengar’s influence

Breath of the Gods screening in Aberystwyth

I'm really excited to announce the free screening of the film Breath of the Gods in Aberystwyth on Sat 4th October (2014) in Aberystwyth Arts Centre at 12 noon. The showing is open to all and after the film (c. 100 mins) there will be time for chatting and socialising with fellow yoga people. The … Continue reading Breath of the Gods screening in Aberystwyth