Variety is the spice of life – and of yoga! (Guest post)

Read on for a guest post about going to different yoga teachers and what it taught the student, not just about yoga, but about herself. "In the 25+ years of my life that I’ve been practising yoga, I have always been quite a ‘monogamous’ student. In the various places I’ve lived, I have always managed … Continue reading Variety is the spice of life – and of yoga! (Guest post)

Standards for yoga teaching or empire building?

Person sitting

Yoga was recently in the mainstream media (BBC Radio 4's Today programme, the Guardian, the Daily Mail and iNews) over a plan for national occupational standards for yoga teacher training in the UK. The media would not usually report something which sounds rather dry unless there was a controversy, but before I get onto all … Continue reading Standards for yoga teaching or empire building?

Twists and fishes

Yoga pose

Last week in the intermediate class we focused on twists: lying, sitting, kneeling and standing. I don't know why, but I love twists; I just find them very enjoyable. The benefits of twists are outlined in this brief article and include digestive and spinal benefits. If you want to look up some twists there's various … Continue reading Twists and fishes

Paying attention to intention

Most people, including governments, know or agree that practising yoga is 'good for us'. This is because of the benefits that result from the combination of movement, postures and breathing practices of yoga. But over the last few years I've also been pondering how the intention of the pose and the person can also affect … Continue reading Paying attention to intention

How do you feel about headstand and shoulderstand?

How do you feel about headstand and shoulderstand? Do you enjoy practising them? Do they make you feel good? Do you feel comfortable with how to enter, hold and exit the poses? If you're a yoga teacher, do you feel confident in assessing how students are coping with entering, holding and exiting these poses? Lots … Continue reading How do you feel about headstand and shoulderstand?

Reflections on Iyengar’s influence

Since BKS Iyengar died, many articles have been written about his influence, greatness etc. I thought I'd reflect briefly on how I feel he has had an impact on my yoga life. I think the first point to note is that many of the yoga teachers in the UK in the '70s and '80s were … Continue reading Reflections on Iyengar’s influence

Do we need our yoga mats?

A month ago I read a very interesting article about the use of mats in yoga and how it can fundamentally alter what's going on in your body, the muscles, how they're being used etc. Written by two yoga and body specialists (Dr Brian Cooper and Dr Christopher Norris) it discusses what happens in the … Continue reading Do we need our yoga mats?

Interested in yoga teacher training?

After practising yoga for a few years, some people may develop an interest in becoming a yoga teacher themselves, or they may want to deepen their understanding of yoga by taking a foundation course in yoga, with no requirement to teach. It can be bewildering to know where to start when considering a yoga course: … Continue reading Interested in yoga teacher training?