Dharana: training the brain to concentrate

In my monthly look at  Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga, we're drawing towards the last few now. The three remaining are internally-focused and build towards what can be seen as the ultimate goal of yoga. These three are: dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (absorption, union). This month I will concentrate (pun intended) on dharana. Dharana (pronunciation guide) … Continue reading Dharana: training the brain to concentrate

My celebration of the first international day of yoga

I celebrated the first International day of yoga (as designated by the United Nations) by doing some yogic practices on my own and some in a class. I started the day with pranayama, meditation and mantra. I choose the  combined ujjayi & golden breath to start with for 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of alternate … Continue reading My celebration of the first international day of yoga

10 mantras: videos and lyrics

Some time ago I came across a blog post called Top 10 little mantras with videos and links and thought it might be a useful resource for people who like to experiment with different mantras as part of their yoga practice or as meditation. The original post is a few years old now, but all … Continue reading 10 mantras: videos and lyrics

WOW: wishing well

This week in class we practised a simple mindfulness meditation exercise which focuses on feelings of wellness and wellbeing. The WOW phrase stands for 'wishing ourselves well, wishing others well'. It is important to wish ourselves well if we are to be able to help, support and be compassionate towards others. We can then begin … Continue reading WOW: wishing well

Music, mantra and meditation, plus daffodils

I'm becoming increasingly interested in sound vibrations and how music, mantra and sound interrelate with yoga, and the associated benefits. I therefore enjoyed a local yoga event entitled 'Music, Mantra and Meditation - the way of Nada Yoga' with Rajesh David and Upasana. I have met both these lovely people before at yoga events. I find … Continue reading Music, mantra and meditation, plus daffodils

Free 21 mantra meditation journey

Are you interested in meditation or mantra? Do you not know where to start with mantra meditation? Then you may want to sign up to a free 21 day online mantra meditation journey with world leaders in mantra meditation Deva Premal and Miten. From 23rd April 2013 they're running a free online 21 day mantra … Continue reading Free 21 mantra meditation journey

Do what you can

This is a stressful time of year for many people, and combined with poor weather, various illnesses and short days, now is not necessarily a good time to be forcing yourself to do a whole lot of stuff. In terms of your yoga practice, just 'doing what you can' within time, family, health and space … Continue reading Do what you can

108 sun salutations with sung mantras – guest post

This is a guest post from someone (ok, my sister!) on her experiences of practising 108 sun salutations during a yoga class. 108 sun salutations with sung mantras – yoga for the brain and body! The Sun Salutations It’s well known that Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) is one of the best ways to warm up … Continue reading 108 sun salutations with sung mantras – guest post

De-stress exercises handout

Do you need to de-stress? Are you looking for some simple exercises that will only take a few minutes and can be done discreetly in work, or can be practised for longer at home? If yes, you might want to look at my de-stress handout. I made this handout to go with a practical session … Continue reading De-stress exercises handout

Meditation mantra for letting go of stress

Another 'mantra of the month'. I use the following mantra as a form of mindfulness, meditation, or just plain old de-stressing. I sometimes use it at the end of my brief 15 minute de-stress lunchtime sessions which I teach where I work, as well as at the end of some of my yoga classes, sometimes … Continue reading Meditation mantra for letting go of stress