How massage can help period pain

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A while back a client was coming to me for massages to help her shoulder tension, stress and to feel better. After her first massage she said she felt 10 years younger! She booked a back and shoulder massage roughly every six weeks or so and one time said in the pre-massage chat that after … Continue reading How massage can help period pain

Understanding persistent pain

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I recently participated in two workshops for therapists about understanding pain, particularly long-term (chronic) pain, and how to help people with such pain to improve their situation. The sessions were very intense with a huge amount of information and were led by a local therapist, Hedd Piper, who, although is a chiropractor by training, is … Continue reading Understanding persistent pain

The implications of poor computer or desk posture

As a desk-bound office worker, I know first hand the perils of sitting down at a computer all day. (And then coming home and sitting down some more, at a different computer!) Many people don't realise that their stiff shoulders, stiff necks, upper back aches and pains etc, are possibly caused by poor posture at … Continue reading The implications of poor computer or desk posture

Delights of Thai yoga massage

Today I was fortunate to experience the delights of a Thai yoga massage for the first time. Friend and fellow yoga teacher Regina is training to be a qualified Thai yoga massage therapist, and even though I've never had one before, I can say that it felt to me that she is very good already! … Continue reading Delights of Thai yoga massage