Back pain and new ways of thinking about it

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Back pain can be frustrating and limiting, especially if it becomes chronic (ongoing) beyond a few weeks. Recently a few people have asked me for advice, often after an incident has triggered back pain. And the good news is, things will generally get better in a few weeks, with some direct action and a helpful … Continue reading Back pain and new ways of thinking about it

Learn how to breathe more slowly with my new audio tracks

I've had a bit more time recently to create some new resources that can help improve your health and wellbeing. I've created a new page on pranayama, what it is (breathing!) and why learning long, slow and deep breathing practices can be beneficial. I've also recorded and uploaded some free audio tracks talking you through … Continue reading Learn how to breathe more slowly with my new audio tracks

Relieving lower back discomfort

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It's very common to experience short bouts of lower back pain or discomfort. Often it might feel like a dull ache, not too painful really, but noticeable when you do certain things like getting up out of a chair. In many cases temporary discomfort may be from lack of movement and too much sitting, and … Continue reading Relieving lower back discomfort

Free mindfulness of breath tracks


I've uploaded my second mindfulness of breath track for you to listen to for free, to help bring feelings of calm, relaxation and quietness to the mind and body. There's now a 1 minute track and a 3 minute track. Listen to them whenever you want*, maybe before going to bed, or if you wake … Continue reading Free mindfulness of breath tracks

Long term or chronic stress and the relaxation response

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Stress is something we all casually mention in conversations, about work, home or general life situations, but what does stress in the body actually do to us? This depends on whether we're talking about a short-lived single stressful incident (road rage, an interview etc), or ongoing stress for days, weeks or months. Recently in the … Continue reading Long term or chronic stress and the relaxation response

Research evidence on yoga and health

For those of you who are interested in modern science's interpretations of the benefits of yoga, I've just come across a recently published collection of evidence reviews on yoga and a range of health issues from back pain, asthma, heart issues, falls by older people, cancer and mental health. This collection of links to research … Continue reading Research evidence on yoga and health

New blog for yoga tips from Yoga i Bawb

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The Ceredigion/West Wales group of yoga teachers, Yoga i Bawb (Yoga for All in English), has recently started a yoga blog on its website. The blog will mainly feature tips and ideas for people to try at home, and is available in Welsh and English. Check it out on the Yoga i Bawb website in … Continue reading New blog for yoga tips from Yoga i Bawb

Free relaxation tracks, including in Welsh

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If you're looking for free, good quality relaxation tracks to use at home, in English or Welsh, why not try these three tracks from Yoga i Bawb (trans: Yoga for All) a west Wales yoga group. The three available are: * Progressive relaxation - relaxing each part of the body in turn * Yoga Nidra … Continue reading Free relaxation tracks, including in Welsh

Mindfulness and meditation audio tracks

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It seems that almost every week another study is published which shows that meditation and mindfulness are helpful to us for a number of reasons e.g. research showing that meditation can slow aging, or that mindfulness is being taken up by various groups e.g. some schools in Wales. As a result, many people know about … Continue reading Mindfulness and meditation audio tracks