Hamstrings in half an hour

When I'm visiting my Mum she likes us to do some yoga together at home as she doesn't get to any classes. So I asked her what she fancied and she said "something challenging". Knowing that she has tight hamstrings (a former runner and current Munro-bagger and recreational cyclist) I planned a quick 30 mins … Continue reading Hamstrings in half an hour

Meditation and just being

I've been reading about relaxation, stress and meditation at bit recently, as well as thinking about different approaches to meditation. I felt one book had a particularly helpful approach and definition of meditation explaining that it is essentially when you are 'just being'. When you are 'being', you're living in that moment, you're free from … Continue reading Meditation and just being

Meditation through running

A good friend gave me a copy of Haruki Murakami's book What I talk about when I talk about running. I have read and enjoyed a few of his novels and short stories and didn't realise he does a lot of running and is a triathlete - he tries to do at least one marathon … Continue reading Meditation through running