Yoga classes in and around Aberystwyth

[Edited 22nd Feb 2020] If you are living in or around Aberystwyth there are plenty of yoga classes and teachers to choose from. I no longer live in the area so you should check the class list on the Yoga for Dragons website which has a list for the area, but it's difficult to keep … Continue reading Yoga classes in and around Aberystwyth

Lovely videos of some good yoga poses for athletes

If you, or someone you know, is a keen, or even less than keen (!), athlete, there are some useful yoga poses that can help with strengthening, improving flexibility and stretching muscles after a long cycle ride, run, swim or other similar exercise. Local (to me) yoga teacher Polly Clark has recently completed a series … Continue reading Lovely videos of some good yoga poses for athletes

Hamstrings in half an hour

When I'm visiting my Mum she likes us to do some yoga together at home as she doesn't get to any classes. So I asked her what she fancied and she said "something challenging". Knowing that she has tight hamstrings (a former runner and current Munro-bagger and recreational cyclist) I planned a quick 30 mins … Continue reading Hamstrings in half an hour

Vinyasa sequence challenge

If you're looking for a vinyasa yoga sequence challenge to test yourself, you might want to look at this one created by Hui for the Tribesports website. It contains some advanced postures so I would not recommend it for people who are new to yoga, prefer a gentle practice or who have limited flexibility. It … Continue reading Vinyasa sequence challenge

Yoga and cycling weekend review

Last weekend I went on a yoga and mountain biking weekend in the stunning Elan Valley, led by Polly Clark. It only really struck me during the first evening meal when we were getting to know each other that I hadn't actually been mountain biking before. And there were some pretty serious (as in dedicated) … Continue reading Yoga and cycling weekend review

Yoga asana competitions

I was recently sent this link to some pictures from the 2012 New York Regional, and the National Yoga Asana Championship held earlier in March in the USA. The pictures show people doing advanced yoga asana (poses) and to some the poses and the concept of the competition may have more in common with gymnastics … Continue reading Yoga asana competitions

Meditation through running

A good friend gave me a copy of Haruki Murakami's book What I talk about when I talk about running. I have read and enjoyed a few of his novels and short stories and didn't realise he does a lot of running and is a triathlete - he tries to do at least one marathon … Continue reading Meditation through running