In-person yoga classes return to Dumfries

Advert for yoga class with female seated in lotus position

I'm really pleased to say that I have been able to restart in-person yoga classes once again in Dumfries. After a six month pause (because of Covid-19), I restarted my intermediate yoga class last week, and had an enthusiastic group of appropriately-distanced participants. Although I have been teaching online during the last six months, there … Continue reading In-person yoga classes return to Dumfries

Watching the breath

This is a really well written, clear and useful summary about the simple, but very challenging, technique of watching your breath as a meditation. Do read.

Aberystwyth Buddhist Group

Once we have found a suitable position in which to meditate, we have to get on and do it. There are very many different types of meditation, developed in different religions over the centuries, but the standard Buddhist practice involves calming the mind by focusing it gently and repeatedly on a single point of focus. This could be anything at all – a word or phrase, the flame of a candle, a spot on the carpet – but traditionally the approach is to watch the breath.

Why the breath? There is a great deal to be said on this topic, but perhaps as good a reason as any is that it connects us with our bodies, linking us in to a rhythm that is both automatic (we don’t have to remember to do it) and under our conscious control. It tends to have a calming effect, and it’s something we…

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Aberystwyth yoga classes for backs

Some time ago I blogged about the UK research project that found that a specific tailored yoga course was as beneficial, if not more so, in helping people with back pain and problems than conventional treatment. Since then, the teachers who designed and carried out the research have gone on to write a handbook and … Continue reading Aberystwyth yoga classes for backs