Gentle fireside yoga videos

With the winter solstice (northern hemisphere) only just gone, our bodies and brain seek out ways to recharge, restore, relax, and generally hibernate. Even though doing a bit less at this time of year is good, our bodies need some movement. So my new free fireside videos will enable you to do some short yoga … Continue reading Gentle fireside yoga videos

Oprah and Jon Kabat-Zinn discuss meditation and mindfulness

Sit back, relax, and watch and listen to Oprah and Jon Kabat-Zinn (author, scientist and creator of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme), discuss mindfulness meditation and the benefits it can bring to our everyday lives on her Super Soul Sunday programme. You can watch short clips or the full 40 minute programme online. Here's … Continue reading Oprah and Jon Kabat-Zinn discuss meditation and mindfulness

10 mantras: videos and lyrics

Some time ago I came across a blog post called Top 10 little mantras with videos and links and thought it might be a useful resource for people who like to experiment with different mantras as part of their yoga practice or as meditation. The original post is a few years old now, but all … Continue reading 10 mantras: videos and lyrics

Documentary explores who owns yoga

A very interesting, thought-provoking, intelligent and unbiased documentary called 'Who Owns Yoga?' has recently been released by Al Jazeera English and is available to watch online. It's only 50 minutes long yet manages to address thorny issues such as the modern commercialisation of yoga (especially in the west), the trend for new 'types' of yoga … Continue reading Documentary explores who owns yoga

WOW: wishing well

This week in class we practised a simple mindfulness meditation exercise which focuses on feelings of wellness and wellbeing. The WOW phrase stands for 'wishing ourselves well, wishing others well'. It is important to wish ourselves well if we are to be able to help, support and be compassionate towards others. We can then begin … Continue reading WOW: wishing well

Salute to the sun short video

I was looking round my computer folders when I came across a short video of me doing some yoga outside in the spring a few years ago. I decided to take the modified sun salutation (surya namaskar) video and add sub-titles to it so that if you're unfamiliar with the salute to the sun you … Continue reading Salute to the sun short video