The eight limbs of yoga – asana and beyond

Eight limbs of yoga? Does that mean even more contortions? No, it's a reference to the eight stages of yoga as described by Patanjali around 2000 years ago. I realised that for a yoga blog, I hadn't done much on discussing yoga history, yoga asana, and where it all fits in, so this will be … Continue reading The eight limbs of yoga – asana and beyond

Sitting, yoga, and meditation

The local meditation group recently wrote a very interesting blog post entitled 'Sitting with confidence'. It's a very useful overview of the importance of sitting comfortably when meditating, and how to find the most appropriate position for yourself. Now, sitting and being comfortable when meditating is important within the yoga world because traditionally that was … Continue reading Sitting, yoga, and meditation

Enjoying effortless effort

We all do it: struggle, push, strain or grimace just to reach that final inch in a yoga posture, or get up the hill without stopping pedaling, or working yourself too hard without taking proper breaks. We fill our bodies with tension even when, in a yoga class, we're trying to remove tension. So what's … Continue reading Enjoying effortless effort

Rules for living, commandments and yoga

I accidentally heard a programme on the radio with writer, philosopher and broadcaster Alain de Botton who was discussing his atheist 'commandments' which are part of his new book 'Religion for atheists'. He actually says they are not commandments but virtues, or suggested ways of living to re-focus on 'being good'. As I was idly … Continue reading Rules for living, commandments and yoga

Yoga asana competitions

I was recently sent this link to some pictures from the 2012 New York Regional, and the National Yoga Asana Championship held earlier in March in the USA. The pictures show people doing advanced yoga asana (poses) and to some the poses and the concept of the competition may have more in common with gymnastics … Continue reading Yoga asana competitions

Meditation through running

A good friend gave me a copy of Haruki Murakami's book What I talk about when I talk about running. I have read and enjoyed a few of his novels and short stories and didn't realise he does a lot of running and is a triathlete - he tries to do at least one marathon … Continue reading Meditation through running

Blog action day, World Food Day, vegetarianism and yoga

Sunday 16th October is global Blog Action Day which was established in 2007. Each year the Blog Action Day focuses on a different topic and this year they've chosen the topic of food. Sunday 16th October is also World Food Day, and this date was chosen in 1979 as it was the same day the … Continue reading Blog action day, World Food Day, vegetarianism and yoga

Class outlines for dynamic class – the 7 week trial

I thought it would be nice to share the class themes for the seven week trial of my new dynamic holistic yoga class. I have blogged previously with the mantas here and here. I find having a theme for the asanas and possible connections with the other 'stuff' useful - certainly for the asanas I … Continue reading Class outlines for dynamic class – the 7 week trial

Feel the fear … and maybe do it anyway?

What's fear got to do with yoga? Quite a bit! Some people may be fearful that they'd be unable to 'do' yoga, so they don't come. Some people are fearful of not looking good enough or that they don't have the latest designer gear (this is rarely the case in Aberystwyth where people wear whatever … Continue reading Feel the fear … and maybe do it anyway?