Yoni Shakti – a book review

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This is a huge book. Huge in size, huge in scope, and huge in terms of the content. My review here will not do justice to all c.650 pages of Yoni Shakti: a woman's guide to power and freedom through yoga and tantra. Having finished reading it almost a year ago, in my mind it … Continue reading Yoni Shakti – a book review

Yoga to help you sleep

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Several people have said to me that the only night they get a good night's sleep is when they've been to my yoga class. This includes someone who came to my 15 minute lunchtime de-stress sessions, not even a full-length class! So what is it about yoga which can help improve your sleep patterns? A … Continue reading Yoga to help you sleep

Intelligent Yoga book review

Peter Blackaby's book Intelligent Yoga was long-awaited when it was published in late 2012, and here's my long-awaited review! (Long-awaited by me, maybe not by anyone else!) Intelligent Yoga is a thoroughly enjoyable book to read and is an interesting mix of biology, anatomy, evolutionary theory, neuro-science, humanism, and of course yoga. But at no … Continue reading Intelligent Yoga book review

10 reasons why yoga is good for you

Why bother practising yoga? Well, there are a number of reasons why, and ways that it can improve your life and lifestyle. Here are just a few that I thought of whilst gardening, in no particular order! 1. It can help improve some physical conditions such as lower back problems, stiff and tight shoulders and … Continue reading 10 reasons why yoga is good for you

Yoga for healthy lower backs

I was fortunate to attend a one day training event for yoga teachers on yoga for healthy lower backs the other weekend. The course tutor, Anna Semlyen, is one of the key tutors who was involved in the large scale clinical research study which proved that yoga helped those with lower back problems, and, was … Continue reading Yoga for healthy lower backs

The implications of poor computer or desk posture

As a desk-bound office worker, I know first hand the perils of sitting down at a computer all day. (And then coming home and sitting down some more, at a different computer!) Many people don't realise that their stiff shoulders, stiff necks, upper back aches and pains etc, are possibly caused by poor posture at … Continue reading The implications of poor computer or desk posture

Can yoga help with unresolved emotional issues held in our bodies?

The answer to this question is 'yes', according to Tom Myers, a body worker, anatomy expert, and author of the book Anatomy Trains. The Huffington Post published an interview-based article with him in summer 2013 where he outlines how yoga in particular can help address deep emotional issues that we  have stored in our bodies, … Continue reading Can yoga help with unresolved emotional issues held in our bodies?

Yoga in prisons

Coincidences happen every so often and within the space of a few weeks I read or came across various references to yoga and meditation in prisons. A fellow yogi passed on the Prison Phoenix Trust newsletter. This organisation has been going for 25 years and they provide a support service for people in prisons to … Continue reading Yoga in prisons

Aberystwyth yoga classes for backs

Some time ago I blogged about the UK research project that found that a specific tailored yoga course was as beneficial, if not more so, in helping people with back pain and problems than conventional treatment. Since then, the teachers who designed and carried out the research have gone on to write a handbook and … Continue reading Aberystwyth yoga classes for backs

Research shows therapeutic benefits of yoga

Recent research by the University of Sheffield has found there are many therapeutic benefits of yoga. The research was commissioned by the British Wheel of Yoga from the School of Health and Related Research. You can download or read a copy of the research findings from the BWY website, either as a summary presentation or … Continue reading Research shows therapeutic benefits of yoga