Yoga classes in Dumfies (and Nithsdale and around about)

Several local teachers teach yoga classes in and around Dumfries. Here are the main teachers I’m aware of who are teaching in-person yoga classes (unless specified) with links to their websites/Facebook pages so you can find the most recent info about their classes and contact them directly. Always contact a teacher first before turning up, to check the class is running, has space etc.

If you want classes in Dumfries itself, the teachers are: Alyson, Jackie and Jane (both at Bannatyne’s club), Jessica, Jill, Laura, Lucy, Marianna, and Moira. Look these teachers up in the list below to find their info / links.

Dumfries & local yoga classes and teachers

(listed A to Z by first name of teacher)

Alyson Tyler (creator of this page): two yoga classes in Dumfries and half day workshops. The classes are Wednesday 6-7 pm (Intermediate) and Relax and recharge (Friday 5.30-6.30 pm); also online classses.

Becca Hutchinson: classes at The Bridge Wellness Centre (Dalbeattie) and Crocketford and Springholm, see her Facebook page or TBWC website

Catriona Orr: classes at Kettleholm (nr Lockerbie) and Langholm – full info on website

Jackie Le Brocq teaches in Beattock, yoga and a separate meditation class, plus occasional day workshops, and also meditation courses. Contact her on jackie.lebrocq1[@]

Jane Bailey teaches several classes in Thornhill and Bannatynes (Dumfries), see her website for info

Jessica Connon teaches a class in Kirkbean, and several in Dumfries see her Facebook page for more info

Jill Dobbie: various classes during the week in Dumfries, and one in Annan, see Jill’s Facebook page and website

Kerry Riddell Yoga: teaching in Moniaive, contact her for more details (and online with Jane Chalmers)

Laura: Restarting her yoga pilates fusion class, see her Facebook page for class info

Lucy Rose Donovan: Yin yoga and beginners in Dumfries, and yoga in Beeswing and Dalbeattie – see her web link for class info

Lynn Watt: two classes at The Bridge Wellness Centre Dalbeattie

Marianna Lausent: morning classes at the Wellness Centre Dumfries, contact her directly 07709 040156

Moira Forsyth teaches weekly in Powfoot, also Dumfries evening class; also holds Ayurveda clinics and yoga workshops in Dumfries, see her website or Facebook group for info

Pauline Steenbergen: yoga in Gretna (and more in Carlisle)

Susan Neal teaches yoga in Lockerbie and monthly in Powfoot and also daytime qigong in Lockerbie; plus online yoga

Yoga in or near Dumfries by day of the week

If you find it easier to think in terms of which days you can do, here is what I think are the current options but check with the teachers first.

  • Monday: Kerry (Moniaive), Lucy (Beeswing), Jane (Bannatynes club – morning), Jackie (Beattock), Pauline (Gretna), Catriona (Langholm), Jill (Dumfries), Lynn (Dalbeattie), Jessica (Dumfries), Becca (Crocketford)
  • Tuesday: Lucy (Dumfries), Laura (Dumfries) Jane (Thornhill – morning), Catriona (Kettleholm, nr Lockerbie), Jackie (Bannatynes), Becca (Dalbeattie), Jessica (Dumfries)
  • Wednesday: Alyson (Dumfries), Jane (Bannatynes club), Jill (Dumfries), Lucy (Dalbeattie), Susan (Lockerbie), Moira (Powfoot), Becca (Springholm),
  • Thursday: Jill (Dumfries and Annan), Moira (Dumfries), Lucy (Dumfries), Marianna (Dumfries, morning x2), Jane (Thornhill, three classes), Jackie (Beattock), Lynn (Dalbeattie), Jessica (Kirkbean)
  • Friday: Alyson (Dumfries), Becca (Dalbeattie)
  • Saturday occasional workshops: Alyson, Susan, Moira, Jackie
  • Sunday: Jane (Thornhill), Jessica (Dumfries, from 26th March)

Page last updated 19th March 2023

Rolled up yoga mat

*If you are looking for yoga classes in Aberystwyth and the surrounding area please check the list on the Yoga of Dragons website. I have moved from Wales to Scotland and am no longer keeping up with the classes in Aberystwyth.

2 thoughts on “Other yoga classes

  1. We are a small group of people in Ystrad Meurig interested in gentle yoga. Our previous teacher, Cathy Crick has left the area and we are looking for a replacment teacher. Please would it be possible to suggest somebody who would come to the Edward Richard Centre in Ystrad Meurig once a week. It is a 20/25 minute drive from Aberystwyth,


    1. Hi Mary, thanks for your enquiry. I believe your request was discussed at a yoga teachers’ meeting the other day. I myself do not have a car and cannot travel to Ystrad Meurig. I will forward your request to some yoga teachers. Best wishes, Alyson


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