Other yoga classes

Yoga classes in Dumfries

All in-person classes are suspended because of COVID-19.

Several local teachers are delivering yoga classes online – contact them directly to find out more. Please support local teachers if you can.

Online yoga classes by Dumfries yoga teachers

Jill Dobbie – Yoga from the Heart Dumfries: see Facebook page and website or email – current classes on hold whilst Jill has surgery.

Alyson Tyler – Holistic Yoga and Massage (creator of this page): – see class page for more info

Currently delivering the following online classes via YouTube Live (these can be done at any time):

  • Intermediate class – Monday 5.45-7pm
  • Early Bird class – Tuesday 7.30-8.30am
  • Midday Movement class – Thursday 12-12.45pm

Kerry Riddell Yoga

  • Friday 9-10am, from 5th June – ‘Open up for summer’ – contact her for more details, taught via Zoom. Class size limited so contact Kerry directly to see if there is space.

Page updated 4th July 2020

Previously in Dumfries there were around 30 classes, for all ages and abilities. I’ve taken down the list of all the classes as there is no certainty as to when classes may re-start and I don’t want to cause confusion.


If you’ve found this page helpful, please share it with other people or if you manage a website or are a yoga teacher, please add a link to it from your website etc. Let’s share the info on the range of yoga in Dumfries! Thank you.

Rolled up yoga mat

*If you are looking for yoga classes in Aberystwyth and the surrounding area please check the list on the Yoga of Dragons website. I have moved from Wales to Scotland and am no longer keeping up with the classes in Aberystwyth.

2 thoughts on “Other yoga classes

  1. We are a small group of people in Ystrad Meurig interested in gentle yoga. Our previous teacher, Cathy Crick has left the area and we are looking for a replacment teacher. Please would it be possible to suggest somebody who would come to the Edward Richard Centre in Ystrad Meurig once a week. It is a 20/25 minute drive from Aberystwyth,

    • Hi Mary, thanks for your enquiry. I believe your request was discussed at a yoga teachers’ meeting the other day. I myself do not have a car and cannot travel to Ystrad Meurig. I will forward your request to some yoga teachers. Best wishes, Alyson

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