What to do if you’re irritated, including when meditating

As stress awareness month comes to a close in the UK, this blog post looks at one type of thing which can cause us stress: irritation. We all have things which irritate us. And different people will be irritated by different things. I don't mean things like a skin allergy, but things like: littermissing socksbus … Continue reading What to do if you’re irritated, including when meditating

Clear water meditation track

Glass of water with blue liquid swirling in it

Recently I recorded a new 11 minutes guided meditation audio track which you can access here for free. The clear water meditation track seems to resonate with some people as a useful way of approaching mindfulness, clarity, meditation, and accepting that sometimes the mind is cloudy, sometimes it's clear, sometimes it's both. This is a … Continue reading Clear water meditation track

Chocolate meditation for chocolate week

Squares of chocolate

It's Chocolate Week from 10th to 16th October 2016 in the UK, and I thought this would be perfect timing to describe a meditation practice that almost everyone will enjoy, even if (or especially if) they haven't done any meditation before, because it involves chocolate! And almost everyone likes chocolate. Plus dark chocolate may even … Continue reading Chocolate meditation for chocolate week

Meditation – a beginner’s guide animation

Screengrab from video with happify logo

I really love the simplicity of this video by Happify explaining the principles of meditation in a very simple way. It's short, it's simple, and it's engaging. I like the graphics which show the gradual erasing of all the brain chatter as you breathe and meditate. It's a really good video for anyone new to … Continue reading Meditation – a beginner’s guide animation

Mindfulness and meditation audio tracks

Model of owl sitting with laptop and headphones

It seems that almost every week another study is published which shows that meditation and mindfulness are helpful to us for a number of reasons e.g. research showing that meditation can slow aging, or that mindfulness is being taken up by various groups e.g. some schools in Wales. As a result, many people know about … Continue reading Mindfulness and meditation audio tracks

A one-track mind, or, dhyana

Meditation. Lots of people have heard of it, many may think they "can't do it", others may not know what its benefits are, and quite a few probably think it sounds all bit strange and isn't for them. We have reached the seventh limb of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, and after practising how to concentrate (see … Continue reading A one-track mind, or, dhyana

Meditation to help do what you don’t want to do

I imagine most people are busy. We have to-do lists with one-off tasks, we have regular commitments, and then we put more on the lists. We do this in work and in our home life. And some of the tasks may be fun e.g. making bread, some may be an unpleasant chore e.g. cleaning the … Continue reading Meditation to help do what you don’t want to do

De-stress with some breath and mind awareness

Feeling stressed? Under pressure and a bit worn out? Sometimes the change of season can be unsettling and we can find that things affect us more than usual. Also September can be a stressful time for some people, maybe starting university and leaving home, children starting school for the first time, also the relentless build … Continue reading De-stress with some breath and mind awareness

What is happening in the brain when you meditate?

If you've often wondered about what's happening in the brain when you meditate, you might find this picture helpful. It shows which brain waves are activated during the different stages of meditation. The brain produces varying proportions of brain wave types, depending on its current levels of relaxation, focus, and other mental states. Each type … Continue reading What is happening in the brain when you meditate?