Sweet pumpkin pie (vegan)

Pumpkin with carved face on patio

Pumpkins (including squash) are incredibly versatile for cooking yet many get wasted because of Halloween. They can be used for savoury dishes (soup, bread, curry, roast vegetables, risotto etc), as well as sweet dishes, including cake and sweet pumpkin pie. There's lots of different varieties as well, not just the large 'orange' ones that most … Continue reading Sweet pumpkin pie (vegan)

Plant power on your plate!

Chocolate cake

There's been a recent rise in interest in plant-based food and diets in the last few years. The reasons why may be many and varied, including a growing awareness of environmental issues, animal welfare concerns expressed in films such as Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy, mainstream chefs such as Jamie Oliver waking up to the … Continue reading Plant power on your plate!