Wellbeing workshops

I offer wellbeing workshops on different topics, often around stress, anxiety and chronic pain. These workshops are a mix of theory about the topic, current scientific thinking and approaches, and practical things you can do to live more in balance and have less stress or pain in your daily life.

These are usually delivered in person to small groups (up to 8 people) over a 3 hour session, but can also be tailored for a 1-to-1 experience or for two people. I can offer tailored shorter 1-to-1 online workshops at the moment. Contact me to find out more.

My most recent workshops were:

  • Living with Less Stress and anxiety
  • Living with less pain

Currently my in-person workshops in Dumfries are suspended due to Covid-19, but keep an eye on my website and social media channels to find out when I will begin to offer them again.

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