I’m a qualified yoga teacher and massage therapist in Dumfries, Scotland.

I’m currently teaching 3 online yoga classes, one Dumfries in-person yoga class, and also personal 1-to-1 online yoga sessions. I am not currently providing massages but hope to re-start in the future.

Click on the images below to find out more about what I offer, whether you want to breathe, move or relax. (Or all three! Yoga combines all three.)

Breathe – with meditation and pranayama

Picture of a stream with the word Meditation

Move – with yoga 

Click on the image to go to my yoga class page, or if you are ready to book online now, click this link to book online.

Woman (Alyson) in standing balance yoga pose


Relax – with massage

(but not right now I’m afraid! Click to find out more about my approach and updated info when I re-start)

Picture of woman (Alyson) in massage tunic next to massage table

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Find my events online in Dumfries &  Galloway Online calendar for regular events

[If you have come to this page looking for Aberystwyth classes please go to Yoga of Dragons for a list of Aberystwyth yoga classes – I’ve moved to Scotland]