Are you looking for ways to feel calmer, improve your strength and flexibility, learn how to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! My yoga classes and mindfulness meditation will help you improve your wellbeing so you can feel better in many different ways.

I teach 3 online yoga classes and from 7th June the Dumfries classes will re-start.

I’m sorry but I am currently not able to offer massages.

Yoga, meditation, pranayama and relaxation

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Recent blog posts

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We all have mental health

We all have mental health. We all have physical health. Both are important and both can be improved.

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Clear water meditation track

Recently I recorded a new 11 minutes guided meditation audio track which you can access here for free. The clear water meditation track seems to resonate with some people as a useful way of approaching mindfulness, clarity, meditation, and accepting that sometimes the mind is cloudy, sometimes it’s clear, sometimes…

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