Are you looking for ways to feel calmer, improve your strength and flexibility, learn how to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! My yoga classes and mindfulness meditation will help you improve your wellbeing so you can feel better in many different ways.

I teach 3 online yoga classes and two Dumfries classes a week. (NB no online classes 25/26th Oct, apologies)

I’m sorry but I am currently not able to offer massages.

Yoga, meditation, pranayama and relaxation

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Recent blog posts

Benefits of yoga infographic

There are many benefits of practising yoga, and increasingly these are being researched and recorded through human studies. Although people practising yoga hundreds or thousands of years ago may have used different terminology, the end result was probably the same – a sense of wellbeing, tranquility and calm. The international…

Yoga for wellbeing video

Do you have 12 minutes? Then click here for a short yoga video promoting wellbeing for international day of yoga.

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