I offer meditation and mindfulness sessions (one off or regular) for individuals or small groups in Dumfries. I have free online audio tracks you can listen to whenever and wherever.

Meditation and mindfulness have been proven to help with feelings stress, anxiety, low moods and depression, as well as helping to improve our ability to focus and concentrate. For a clear introduction to mindfulness see the NHS page written by Professor Mark Williams, former director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

I have been practising meditation myself for a long time, and as well as attending yoga and meditation retreats have completed the Foundations in Teaching Mindfulness Meditation with YogaCampus.

Free meditation audio tracks

You can listen to these in your browser by clicking on the image. On many mobile devices Soundcloud makes you create an account before you can listen, but on laptops you can bypass this. So if you’re on a mobile phone, click the play button in the image (or where it say ‘play in browser’) not the Soundcloud link. Enjoy!

My 1 minute breath awareness mindfulness – click on this link to go to the track in Soundcloud or the play button


My 3 minute mindfulness of breath track – click on this link to listen in Soundcloud or the play button


My 4 minute mindfulness of breathing with a count – click on this link to listen in Soundcloud or the play button


My 5 minute smile meditation track – click on this link to listen in Soundcloud or the play button


My 6 minute 3-4-5 breathing mindfully track – click on this link to listen in Soundcloud or the play button. This practice is great for dialing down stress response as it extends the exhale, thus activating your relaxation response.


My 10 minute meditation track ‘letting go’ – click on this link to listen in Soundcloud or the play button


My 11 minute meditation track ‘clear water’ – click on this link to listen in Soundcloud or click on the play button below

New recordings will be added periodically.


My chat about my meditation journey and my approach to establishing a daily practice

Links to some of my blog posts about meditation

Other free guided meditations online

You may like to try a few different ones as people find that they like/dislike different people’s voices or ways of expressing things.

Tara Brach: 100s of guided meditation tracks to listen to, including Vipassana or insight meditation and many others with different focus points

Danny Penman (author of Finding peace in a frantic world and other books): different guided meditations from the various books he’s written

Mental Health Foundation: 3 mindfulness meditations on Soundcloud; 15 wellbeing podcasts and guided mindfulness meditations including ones on sleep and relaxation available on Soundcloud.

Mindfulness Works: 18 guided meditations of different lengths and with different focus points, can be downloaded or played online.

Global meditation ‘challenges’ – Join the Year Long Meditation programme run by the Himalaya Institute. Although it started on 16th July 2019 you can join in any. There’s free resources, guides, talks etc, and you can log your daily meditation total, whether that’s 1 minute a day or 10 or whatever.

Free Mindfulness Project – website with links to a range of different types of meditations, links to different apps etc, all free. Has new expanded section on mindfulness during Covid-19.

Picture of a stream with the word Meditation